Udinese Calcio – Città di Palermo

Palermo after two rounds remain one hundred percent, moreover, without cashed goal! After John’s proven 1: 0 and overcome Udinese Calcio, who confirmed the sensational victory of course Juventus. The author of one goal has become Luca Rigoni. Twenty minutes before the end of the match saw the second yellow card, the visitors Strings.

Although the Udinese last week awarded three points for a win over Juventus, but a valuable scalp before the audience could not be confirmed. Bianconeri failed to find a match for the whole of the Defence Sicilian recipe and helped them to even roughly pětadvacetiminutová power play!

Already the beginning of the game, begging did not work at all. Vazquez has done a great job in lime, sent the ball in front of goal, where hlavičkující Luca Rigoni closely overcame Karnezis. Palermo at Stadio Friuli and has taken quick by 1 0th Although the home could soon answer, but my one hundred percent chance walled. Goalkeeper Sorrentino in the air and fell Théréau tricked just built on the goal line by a defender. A moment later criminally he overshot the goal Duvan Zapata and Udine had failed chance regret.

In the rest of online bet the first half had not refused the Palermo home and went to the locker room leadership.

The online betting first chance of the second half were responsible guests again, but Vazquez incentive scoring one of the Sicilians responded. On the other hand, he resolved to solid shot Koné and Sorrentino had to stretch. Great chance for reversal came home in 70.minutě, because it saw a second yellow card for a foul on Fernandes Strings and Palermo went to weaken! Domestic pressure created at the very end, right free online betting next Théréau head and Zapata have taken up fantastically reliable Sorrentino. Referee Damat added yet blessed with five minutes set time, but during them vbloudila to play the ribs cramp. Palermo has successfully withstood and celebrating another tight win 1: 0, and of course after two matches foolproof.