Representatives of Tours can also enjoy the park and Czech TV stations

The Czech representatives have found the ideal environment for the Clarion Chateaux Belmont in Tours, where they will stay during the European Championship in France.

In the four-star complex, built from a reconstructed 17th-century castle, you can enjoy relaxation in the park with a beautiful garden and a pond from yesterday’s arrival or tune Czech TV stations.

A large hotel, Up to eight thousand crowns per night, is divided into four parts. The players live in one of the wings and the lower floor includes six of the most experienced players, the goalkeeper Petr Čech, the captain Tomáš Rosický and Michal Kadlec, Tomáš Sivok, Jaroslav Plašil and David Lafat, who are used to having a room just for themselves next to masseurs and physiotherapists.Others on the upper floor are accommodated in two.

The main hotel part stands opposite the “player” wing. The room was found by coach Pavel Vrba, manager Dušan Fitzel or FAČR chairman Miroslav Pelta, who should arrive on Sunday. The wings include a reception desk, a dining room and a stylish relaxation room.

All the team members found on the beds a message and welcome in Czech directly from Vanessa Jobard’s manager. “I invented it, but somebody translated it.We had a pleasant stay and were available to them, “she said with a smile.

Each player can tune in one of the seven Czech TV stations or four Czech radio stations. “It was probably the only special request of the Czech party,” Jobard said.

Besides the “player’s” wing, they have their warehouse in the garage, who arrived the day before. Tactical meetings, and in the next room players will be able to play table tennis, including a wall with motivating and smiling messages.For example, there are “Treasure Equipment,” “You do not have to be the best, especially when you are the best” or “You have to be lucky to the opposite.” In another building behind the fountain, players can use the sauna, steam bath, center. In a 2.5-hectare park, they can sit on stylish chairs, where seniors from the neighboring nursing home sometimes relax, and they have not even been to the center of the historic city of Loire.

We are close to the center, but again in the park, the same person does not leave the hotel very much, there is not much time, we have three days between matches, the third day we travel.It is important that we have our own facilities where you can unpack, stretch, relax, “ told Czech journalists.” We tried to meet all the requirements to be nice The garden and the players had the best service. We’ve never had such a team like this before. It’s a challenge and an opportunity to show what we can do, “said the hotel manager.

We will also cheer the Czechs. ” Of course we have a broken heart. One part is for France and the other for Bohemia. It is good that each team is in another group. We will hope that they will both advance and then they will see “, added Jobard.

In Tours, Czechs will live throughout the championship and will fly to the unibet venues of each match.