Málaga CF – Levante UD 0:0

The two guys had met with Madrid giants a week ago, against whom they did not get points, so they were looking for comfort in their match and definitely wanted to take Energybet something for themselves this time. In particular, Málaga was defeated by the victory, since she has only collected two and only one draw. With Levante, however, he eventually broke with ease, without the goals.

Better on the table, they were guests in front of this score, but they did not have the best memories of their opponent last year, because they fell with him twice. The home side is obviously improving in the last rounds, the last time in front of Energybet their own fans, both Celta and La Coruña, and they meant to win La Rosaleda for the third time in a row.

As far as the first half is concerned, he did not offer much. In the second minute he fired a left-handed Moore lime, but his attempt did not have the necessary parameters to put more danger to Robert Jimenez, the goalkeeper of Málaga. On the other side, Peñarando fired from the Energybet midfield and his unpleasant attempt had to eliminate Oier goalie.

The second act was more interesting than the knowledge. In the 47th minute Peñaranda pushed the stopper Chema to the right, the ball was worked out by Rolan, who had just returned to him by Peñarando’s teammate. He then moved on to Recia, whose attempt was Energybet directed at the gate, not to miss the light stream of visiting midfielder El Ida.

The ensuing corner kick was trying to push Diego González vigorously, but his gunpowder was directed only to Oiera. Diego González came back to 57 minutes in front of Rosalese’s right side, but Keko’s corner was just a shot from the side of Oier’s sanctuary.

The Andalusian team continued to move ahead, 72 minutes into the game trying to score the alternating Borja Bastón but sent his head off. In the end, however, they could be glad to hear from Levante. In the setup, the guests got to number three on one, Nano found himself in front of Robert Jimenez, but he braved it.

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