Barcelona has another chance

Maybe it would have to deploy as James Collins has minor health problems and his start is not certain. Out are traditionally Carroll, Lanzini and Sakho. On the opposite side there is also an interesting affair. Outside the Bony, Kompany, Mangala, Nasri and newly Aleksandar Kolarov. Barcelona has another chance to get back at least for a time to lead the league tables, if they can win on Saturday night on the pitch very popular Malaga. The mold is, however, clear favorite on the side and in addition, according to all available Lionel Messi . Head Atlético Madrid now has a two-point lead over Barcelona, ​​although it is necessary to add that the Catalan giant has been due to take part in the world championship clubs in one league game in hand, to erase this deficit. Just as it would win at Malaga, Madrid got a whole under even greater pressure in busy Sunday’s clash with Sevilla. Barcelona is now awaiting an ambitious agenda. He barely had charges Luis Enrique consult with the Basque Athletic both in the league and in the League Cup, is now waiting for the next three matches in the space of seven days. The Bet365 online betting games last one will be on January 30 the lookout hit just athletics. Therefore, it is necessary to have the widest selection of gaming. “Messi and Mathieu rallied,” reports Enrique. “Theoretically, there is no reason for dropping out. ” The assembly could also come back Luis Suarez, currently top scorer Primera División, which as it Messi Cup win 2: 1 in Bilbao missed. However, Malaga also has a few trump cards up his sleeve.

Before the recent defeat in Seville, where this indeed lost both Barcelona and Real Madrid, have led directly Andalusian whole greatly, as evidenced by four wins and one draw from the previous five rounds. In the attack, although it creaks throughout the season and the departure of offensive workhorse Nordin Amrabata the English Watford Malaga on the shooting does not add potency, but defensive honestly held, even against Barcelona. It is indeed known for its stellar attack a bunch of goals, but in the last three games gave Malaga sheer one goal. “It is for us one of the more difficult games,” says Bet365 sport betting Enrique.