Acute infections usually occur moderately and gradually

Acute infections usually occur moderately and gradually. The first typical symptom of acute respiratory disease – runny nose and low-grade fever (37-37,5 ° C). Then added a cough, which contains a few days.

Acute respiratory infections and flu are often confused both with one another and with other diseases (such as poisoning or Allergy).

To understand what you’re dealing with prior to the visit to the doctor pay attention to the temperature, headache and muscle pain.

Remember that influenza is a deadly virus, and lost time can lead to irreversible complications.

Among all childhood diseases by more than 90% are SARS and influenza. Typically, children are infected by them from adults, as well as in groups, such as kindergartens, schools and clubs.
prevention of viral diseases in children
Treatment and prevention of viral diseases
With the purpose of prevention of viral diseases among children, doctors advise to reduce visits to crowded places such as shops, cinemas, shopping malls during periods of epidemics, and also if possible to use in contact with potential vectors of viruses with special protective masks. When the first symptoms of the disease it is better not to attend school or kindergarten.

It is also important to pay attention to strengthening immunity in children. In December and very young children require an appropriate careful feeding and care, and for older helpful vitamin, namely the presence in the diet of a sufficient number of seasonal fruit and vegetables, or on the advice of doctors – the reception complex vitamin preparations.

What you should know in the treatment of viral diseases
Treatment of SARS is reduced to symptomatic treatment, which provides for enhanced drinking regime, breathing fresh and moist air, vitamin C, and, if necessary, the intake of antipyretics and antihistamines.

It is important to drink at least 2 liters of fluid daily, which will help the body to compensate for dehydration due to sweating when the temperature of the body and facilitates the process of dilution of sputum and its expectoration by coughing. Along with the water during illness, the body loses nutrients, so it is to replenish the supply of vitamins and minerals should be consuming mineral water, natural juices, compotes and berry fruit drinks.

Antipyretic drugs used in the SARS, not only to reduce the temperature, but also as anti-inflammatory and analgesic. For treating children often use medications with the active ingredient paracetamol, as it is quite easily tolerated, almost does not irritate the lining of the stomach and practically does not cause allergic reactions or Reye’s syndrome in children. This is why paracetamol can be used even for treatment of children from birth.

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